Our Vision

To train the force within people through our work and be the leading training solutions provider in Asia.

Our Mission

We synergize our work with our clients and are committed to unleash the force within our delegates. We strive to create and develop entertaining training programs.

Our Objectives

a) Build Lasting Business Relationships

We believe in respecting each and every individual we deal with as per our Values. We serve with pride and ensure all communications are attended to within one business day.

b) Create Impactful Training Programs

We conduct entertaining, interactive and analytical training using our Nine Holistic Training Approach. We will keep our courses, training methods and materials up-to-date and customize our programs to ensure training needs and objectives are delivered. We will share our knowledge and experiences to our delegates by delivering quality and practical training programs.

c) Achieve 90% Customer Satisfaction

We target to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction through our programs and methodologies. We provide feedback forms, assessments and projects in our workshops to assist in their learning and development and ensure we receive pointers for constant improvement of our operations.

Our Core Values

We stand by our Core Values or Pillars of Passion through the four seasons to make a positive difference in an individual. We believe seasons serve the purpose of the evolution of human consciousness and tapping into it broadens our horizons.

a) Winter - Serving Individuals & The Environment

Winter is the time for Service Above Self. We humbly devote some time to serve people and our environment. It helps us reflect upon ourselves and crystallize our inner workings to create new goals in life again.

b) Summer - Changing Lives

Summer is a time of light, joviality, expression and wholehearted action. In a word - 'ENERGY!' We use the energy or force within ourselves to constantly change our lives for the better.

c) Autumn - Life-long Learning

Autumn is symbolic of activity and knowledge. We make time to continue learning, up-skill, get inspired and keep our heads high no- matter what challenges we face. It is the time to get prepared to share our knowledge with others.

d) Spring - Loving All

Spring is a time of phenomenal renewal. We start each day by respecting every individual, loving unconditionally and appreciating their presence. Together, we start new projects, sow new seeds and bring forth new ideas.

Our Corporate Strategy

Our team is a dedicated, passionate and dynamic force of training experts who work together to build customized programs that deliver individuals/business goals and objectives. Backed by our proven track record and training experience, we are committed to our Strategic Pillars A D E M.

  • Analyze Survey Needs and Align Objectives
  • Develop Customize Modules and Fuse Synergy
  • Entertain Action and Energy
  • Measure Leverage and Continued Success

Our Quality Policy

We believe in the concept of continual training improvements (KAIZEN) by practising creative methods, entertaining delivery styles and customized training programs for our delegates.

About Business Synergy Asia

Training, coaching and preparing the next generation of our children to become powerful leaders.

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Our Location

Business Synergy.

Suite 10C-1 Faber Plaza,
Jalan Desa Jaya, Taman Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur,

Mobile : +6012 2045052, Ms Shantini

Email : training@bsynergyasia.com